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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” — Lee Bolman
“Without a strategy, execution is aimless.
Without execution, strategy is useless.” — Morris Chang

There is no shortage of famous quotes about and related to strategy, particularly in the business context. From your neighborhood library to the bookstore that sells more coffee than books today to the MBA student’s satchel to the shelves in an executive’s corner office, there are countless books written about business strategy.
A business strategy that does not at least consider where technology fits and where it can be a key to driving growth, cutting costs, increasing productivity, and reducing risk is incomplete. Frankly, this could be the difference between success and failure.
At Ortulum, we are not just advisors with a bag of static plans and generic strategies. Our expertise is rooted in “boots on the ground” and hands-on experience in business—from startups to midcap to Fortune 100. We have deep business and technical expertise and the right blend of experience and skills to be trustworthy partners.

We have cultivated our skills as part of small teams chartered with creating new ventures and startups, in organizations rapidly growing in burgeoning markets, and others fighting to remain relevant in the face of Goliath-sized competitors.
These experiences have shaped who we are and what we bring to the table as Strategy and Technical Advisors. They have given us a deep understanding of critical decisions that each business, business owner, executive, and leadership team faces each day.

Our team will partner with you to assess your business—the processes you use every day, your organization and skills, and your technology landscape. Combined with your goals, current challenges, and opportunities, we will have the deep understanding needed to build a strategy and create roadmaps for your organization, products, services, and technology. Then we will work with you to create a strategy and roadmap that fits your business with actionable plans that you and your organization can successfully execute with confidence.

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    At the core of every business are the processes and procedures that make it all happen. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, processes that have been working may no longer be optimal. Maybe not even necessary.
    Yet it is often extremely challenging to recognize this while we are moving at full speed to keep our business running and focused on delighting our customers. We will work with you as objective and trustworthy partners to evaluate your business processes and provide recommendations on how and where changes—from tweaks to more comprehensive revamping—can drive efficiency and improvements in your business. We don’t walk away from you here; we can work with you step by step to implement changes and maximize ROI.


    People truly are the heart and soul of any business. You’ve built your business with people you trust, people who have gone to battle with and for you, and people who have become like family.
    An outside perspective can give you needed insights. We will partner with you to assess where there may be gaps or opportunities to add critical skills to help grow your business, expand your product or service offerings, or shift to meet new market conditions.


    Is your current technology landscape meeting your needs? Are the IT systems and solutions you’re using the best fit-to-purpose for your business to maximize ROI? Technology changes so rapidly, it is almost impossible to know. Today yes, maybe tomorrow no.
    We will assess your current business needs along with your plans and goals—from the next quarter to 5-year plans—and provide recommendations to keep your technology current, fit-for-purpose, and capable of delivering the ROI you expect and deserve.


    Armed with the details from one or more of our assessments, we will bring this together with our experience and expertise to produce a strategy and roadmap that fits your business and addresses your needs and goals. We will equip you with an actionable plan that you can execute confidently.



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