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People, Processes, and Technology

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” — Steve Jobs

Digital Transformation. Customer Experience. Workforce Management.
Inflation. Economic Uncertainty. Risk Management.Data Governance. Artificial Intelligence. Regulatory Compliance.

There is no shortage of buzzwords that grab our attention and sound like business imperatives. Critical business initiatives and priorities for business owners, executives, and leaders have shifted dramatically in the past few years. So, what’s in store for 2023 and beyond?
What is your strategy? What are your priorities? How are you prepared for—or, more importantly, preparing for—market uncertainty, pivots in strategy, and identifying new and emerging opportunities to grow your business?
Where do you start?
At Ortulum, we understand the intersection of people, processes, and technology and the how, where, and why of this intersection to drive efficiency, improve outcomes, reduce costs, and mitigate risk for your organization. Strategic initiatives must focus on this intersection to maximize the benefit for your business.

When people and processes intersect with technology, there is a great opportunity to achieve significant operational gains and simultaneously experience catastrophic failure and disruption. We bring our decades of enterprise technology experience to identify, implement, and support technology initiatives and solutions to enhance and grow your business capabilities while achieving cost savings and mitigating risk.

Our Services


    We will help you build the capabilities your business needs, from business process optimization and automation to cloud transformation to assessing and implementing technology solutions.


    Businesses of all sizes today need strategies for Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives that align your organization with your stakeholders. We help you not only answer these questions but also create and execute a strategy that fits your business:
    ⦁ Are ESG and sustainability initiatives appropriate for my business?
    ⦁ What are the environmental and social expectations of my stakeholders?
    ⦁ How can I effectively balance stakeholder expectations, regulatory requirements, and market demands with those of my business, employees, company culture, and business model?

  • GRC

    More and more businesses are in the crosshairs of industry and local, state, and federal regulations. Even in non-regulated industries, there is an increasing need for a strategy to manage risk and compliance with standards for accreditation, corporate conduct, and ethics. We can guide you and your business to create and implement a central Governance, Risk, and Compliance framework across your organization.



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